Currently, the eucalyptus production is outstanding. This new segment is directly connected to the wood production for Celluloses and Energy. Moreover, the wood is sent to Shaving production to be used as bedding in poultry farms as well as sanitary barrier protecting them from external agents that might damage the birds’ health and development.
The development cycle for the eucalyptus production lasts usually between 5 to 6 years and might take longer depending on the purposes.

In general Alvorada Group seeks the uniformity in the plantations, adjusts specific clones to certain soil types in order to have the maximum on the wood production when comparing with the plantation from seedling produces from the seed.
The success on high production forest depends directly on the seedling quality. They shall have characteristics enabling the resistance to adverse conditions of the field after the plantation which trees shall have a volumetric growth as economically desired.
Alvorada Group owns the tools, machines and equipment used in the production process from the soil preparation, implementation and pick up to the wood removal.

All our procedures comply strictly with laws to ensure all the legal requirements for the operational scope and labor safety are fulfilled.