Poultry Farming

Poultry farming outstands in Brazil in the animal protein complex, which is deemed the most dynamic and technology-dependent activity. It outstands also from other poultry farming due to the results obtained in productivity as well as the slaughtering level as well as the economic and social performance. Its contribution has been significant for Brazil economy.

Brazilian poultry farming is not limited to the chicken production but includes since the planning, breeders production, eggs, chicks, handling and fattening of chicken up to the processing and marketing of the final products. Moreover, this activity supports the development of other large production sectors such as feed and drugs as well as machines and equipment for the meat production and processing.

One-day chick is an important segment in the poultry farming chain with the breeders’ products supporting the safe development of all subsequent stages.

Alvorada Group has an important share in Brazilian and international market based on fertile eggs and one-day chicks production. New and latest technology is sought continuously for a satisfactory performance of our activity. Moreover, the already existing improvement of the production techniques in order to standardize the processes in general.

Partnership and Genetics In the partnership with Cobb-Vantress, Alvorada Group has one of the largest parent poultry farm in Latin America located in Água Clara, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. One-day breeders are ensured by such partnership preserving the quality and continuity on the vertical production process.

Infrastructure Alvorada Group has several production parks encompassing the created breeder, production breeders for fertile eggs, hatchery and marketing as well as the feed production for the entire park.

Such part comprises the feed plant with forty tons capacity per hour, twelve rearing centers, twenty-four production centers, three hatchery one shaving plant as well as the entire infrastructure for logistic and administrative support to shelter 1.5 million breeders yearly.


•Biosafety – differential factor in the company by the very strict visit criteria, isolation among centers, access bath to poultry farming and plants, changing clothes, employee have no contact with birds in their homes, protection fence on farms pointing out the rodents fences in all breeding centers and also shaving and fee plants. Special attention is giving to the disinfection of vehicles, equipment, materials and tools before entering in order to avoid contamination sources.

•Eggs grading – Grading, fumigation and proper storage of all eggs is carried out after picking-up. Eggs arrive at hatchery in the same day. They are graded in the subsequent day by breeders weigh and age for subsequent marketing or hatching. Eggs showing any irregularity are rejected for hatching or sale.

•Eggs pick-up - Eight to ten pickups are carried out daily, with hourly frequency. After the pick-up and grading in categories, the eggs are store in acclimatized environment up to the transportation to hatchery in special trucks in temperatures between 20º and 22ºC.

•Storage - Eggs storage before its destination to the domestic market or abroad or its own hatching is very important for the quality. Therefore Alvorada Group has an automated conditioning system in inventory rooms, thus avoiding the embrionary death.

•Egg vaccination - Technique used in the modern hatchery worldwide carried out on eggs transfer to the hatchery to hatcher. Eggs are candled (removal of unfertile eggs) and vaccinated on the eighteen days of hatching. Such technique ensures the higher percentage on vaccine efficiency on chicks hatch. Alvorada Group is the pioneer on egg vaccination showing its major concern with the product quality. This vaccination system guarantees the bird has been vaccinated, therefore, no risk exists in the field. Such technology in poultry farm field follows the efficient productivity concept.

•Acclimatizing the Hatcheries - Alvorada Group invested in the acclimatizing project of the two hatcheries in order to obtain the best quality, satisfaction and excellence in the final product.

•Composting - Hatchery wastes goes through the composting system - innovative in Brazil - transforming such waste in high quality fertilizer.

•Eggs and Chicks transportation - Delivery of the chicks and eggs is carried out according to customers’ specifications, which set forth the volume and bird type. Acclimatized trucks are used for the transportation, which are previously disinfected and inspected before each trip.

•All in all out System - This innovative system in the company is the raising of breeders in the same farm of the production. This results in higher sanitary safety as the birds are not transported by side roads between the two phases. Transfer is carried out in the very farms, which are adapted for the rearing and production in separate systems.

•Quality control - Each production sector follows strictly all the control items, which guide the employees on the proper performance of the task. Biosafety is present in all productive units. Routine monitoring take places according to PNSA.

•Technical Support - Alvorada Group difference is the after sale together with SAC - Customer Services by telephone and e-mail. This work purpose is to ensure the quality control. Dividing in batches provides 100% traceability in the production.

•Low poultry density area - The units location took into account the low poultry farm area, that is, low risk on the disease transmission as no such farm is in the surrounding areas.

•Its own poultry farms - Alvorada Group carry outs all the rearing system in its own farms, in order to be increasingly sustainable and ensure the biosafety.

•Feed Plant Automation – Feed plant units have the best in plant automation in total traceability control of the raw materials and final products, from feed to male and female breeders. All feed is directed to its own consumption thus ensuring higher sanitary control in all production process.

• Automation of Rearing and production poultry farm – We invest in the thermal comfort of the birds to improve the production quality and provide best conditions thereof emphasizing on the following:
+ dark house system in 100% rearing poultry farms;
+ Automatized acclimatizing system in the negative pressure model in all rearing centers;
+ Automatic feeding system is being implemented for feeding of the rearing in the feeders;
+ Several production centers or negative pressure acclimatizing system with evaporative plates in air entrance;
+ We innovate in Brazil with the automatic feeders on production phase which were imported from Europe;
+ Thermal isolation roof system is implemented to improve the heat/cold insulation inside the shelters.

•Shaving Plant a - All shaving consumed in the farms are produced by us whether in the nestles or bed of the birds.

•Animal welfare – All routine handling activities, density criteria, movement and environment of the birds are based on standards in order to provide a comfortable rearing without any stress in rearing and natural balance of animals.

Alvorada Group
Alvorada Group excellence in the birds section arises from all such factors. The company's concerns are offering the best product and meeting all customers’ expectations. Alvorada Group has qualified professionals and a vanguard behavior in order to be always updating in order to growth and ensure the best for customers and employees.